Overlord Academy


A horrible alphanumeric mistake lands a would-be oboe virtuoso at a school for Evil Overlords in training. Forced to complete his education there, hes taken in by a group of students: a sometimes-couple of nymphomaniacal ninjas, the prerequisite superpowered Japanese schoolgirl, and a Frenchman with a rather disconcerting love of automatic weaponry -- and men. Together, they battle aliens, zombies, magical girls, and the forces of good and learn that sometimes when you want to take over the world, you have to save it first. Updates every Thursday.


Carly (aka Thae) is an Aquarius, college student, and writer. She just may be the only English major at The University of Alabama without two tattoos and a pack a day habit. A cosplayer, part-time loli and full-time critic, she still hasn't realized that the fact that she's short and therefore hard to see doesn't make her a ninja. She is twenty-two years old, acts like she's fifteen, looks like she's twelve, and likes the taste of a man's tonsils.

Charity (aka Nova) thinks she's your mom. Yes, yours. She sees that face you're making. Do you want it to stick that way? When not acting as the unofficial mother of dozens, she co-writes the comic. She is also the artist, although she has no idea why, firmly denying any artistic talent that may be attributed to her. Her favorite pastimes are nagging, fretting, and writing fanfic.

The Difference Between Nova & Thae and Nova & Thae

Originally, in the prehistoric time of 2005, Nova and Thae, the creators, were taking very bad Algebra notes interspersed with drabbles of scripts and scantily drawn ladies when the idea of "Overlord Academy" was born. At it's inception, "O.A." was a series of stand-alone comics based on the tips provided in The Evil Overlord List. The original concept was simple: a gag-a-day comic that took place at a school for Evil Overlords whose main lessons revolved around these tips. The main characters were avatars based on Charity (aka Nova), Carly (aka Thae), and their put-upon Oboist friend, Arthur (aka A-san). However, rather quickly, the comic began to snowball from gags to arcs to a complex world of characters and storylines which barely resembled the original concept. The avatars evolved into the main characters of today, who have kept the authors' names and core personality traits, but have evolved into radically different characters. Sort of like what happened to Fred at the end of "Angel." Mostly minus the demons. So, while Thae's sarcastic, Nova's mothering, and A-san loves his oboe, it wouldn't really be fair to call them avatars anymore, and although Nova and Thae are called Nova and Thae, it wouldn't really be fair to say that they're actual representations of Nova and Thae. Just so we're clear.

Other Info

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