Overlord Academy

Arthur Vogel

Arthur "A-san" Vogel

Height: 5’6”

Birth Date: September 18th (Virgo)

Current Age: 16

Nationality: American

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Pg. 2

Born and raised in North Podunk, Georgia, he responded to a Fundamentalist Christian environment by developing extraordinary musical talent and barely rudimentary social skills. On his first and possibly only chance to escape North Podunk life, he was (in what must be the most spectacular mistake in the Island’s history) delivered to Overlord Academy by accident. It’s not clear yet whether he’s a tactical genius or the world’s luckiest blunderer, but the company he keeps may insinuate that under his soft, squishy exterior, he could secretly be a badass.

Hiro Garver

Hiro Garver

Height: 6'2"

Birth Date: April 5th (Aries)

Current Age: 16

Nationality: American

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Pg. 2

Raised in New York City by a single mother who buried her relationship issues in an obsession with Japanese culture, Hiro was sent to Ninja Academy at age nine. Six years later he and his partner Thaelia Munroe were expelled and summarily decided to continue their education at Overlord Academy in a slightly more understanding learning environment. Generally taciturn and withdrawn, Thaelia Munroe continues to swear that, on a number of occasions, he has demonstrated not only a personality, but a sense of humor. There are few who believe her.

Thaelia Munroe-Liao

Thaelia Munroe-Liao / Liao Xiao Long

Height: 5'0"

Birth Date: January 20th (Aquarius)

Current Age: 16

Nationality: Chinese-American

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Pg. 4

Widely suspected to be the daughter, legitimate or otherwise, of a member of the Chinese mafia, she was expelled from Ninja Academy at age fifteen. Highly proficient in a number of marital art styles, Thaelia captains the Overlord Academy Judo team and helps her roommate, Nova, run the café between bouts of violence with her on again/off again boyfriend, Hiro Garver. Despite her caustic and often hostile disposition, Thaelia seems to hold genuine affection for her friends, even if it is hidden beneath multiple layers of sarcasm and ire.

Novalee Sims

Simzu Nobara / Novalee Sims

Height: 5'3"

Birth Date: July 6 (Cancer)

Current Age: 15

Nationality: Japanese

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Pg. 32

Lolita, café manager, and part-time shrine maiden from Tokyo, Japan, Nova is one fourth English and very sensitive about her ethnicity after spending her childhood in Japan with a foreign last name and appearance. She’s genuinely happy to help others sort through their own feelings and problems but markedly reticent about sharing her own, perhaps even suspiciously so. Despite being gentle and motherly, Nova has a fierce temper and packs more of a wallop than her physical appearance may imply.

Kevin Corday

Kevin Corday

Height: 5'10"

Birth Date: June 11 (Gemini)

Current Age: 15

Nationality: French-American

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Pg. 41

Whimsical and outgoing to the extreme, Kevin is attending the Academy on a scholarship sponsored by Hero Academy for “Students Whose Parents Were Honorably Slain in the Pursuit of Good”, with the idea that upon graduation he will strike out to avenge his Evil Overlord father’s rather gory death. This noble ideal is somewhat lost on Kevin, who barely has the discipline to go to class, much less lead a campaign of righteous vengeance. Deeply engrossed by firearms and romance, Kevin is currently rooming with Hiro Garver, though that arrangement lacks a certain degree of permanency, due in no small part to his persistent and growing fascination with Overlord Academy’s newest student.

Frank and Chuck

Charles "Chuck" Dahl / Frank Landau

Height: 6'0" / 5'9"

Birth Date: November 2 (Scorpio) / March 15 (Pisces)

Current Age: 16 / 15

Nationality: American

First Appearance: Chapter 2, Pg. 5

Frank and Chuck have been together for four years - and they won't let anyone forget it. A Fashion Design major (Frank) and a "Creative Engineering" aka Mad Science major (Chuck), they're something of the odd couple of their year. Despite a gaping chasm between their ideas of academic dedication and personal boundaries, they've maintained a friendship with Kevin since their Freshman year.

Cassie Villanueva

Cassandra "Cassie" Villanueva

Height: 5'7"

Birth Date: January 1 (Capricorn)

Current Age: 16

Nationality: Dominican

First Appearance: Chapter 2, Pg. 24

Computer Science major, demolitions enthusiast, and perpetual pain in Chuck Dahl's rear end, Cassie is unapologetically apathetic and generally caustic. She makes more robots than friends. When she's not buried in a server bank or taking the piss out of the school's resident mad scientist, she can be found running mission control for Overlord Academy's junior away team.