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Thank you for your interest in helping to support the comic! There are many ways to help out the creators of "Overlord Academy"! One option is to donate money through Paypal. In addition to the satisfaction that comes with helping out the comic, you will also recieve the following gifts from us as thanks, depending on the amount you donate. We will also reset the donation amount counter on the main page each Monday. If we reach $50, there will be a bonus comic that week!

$1+ - One of the free, exclusive wallpapers shown below!

$10 - A digital sketch of the characters of your choice!

$20 - You - or the non-copyrighted individual of your choice - can make an appearance as a background character in the comic! (For plot reasons, your appearance may not be immediate.)

$35 - A colored print of the characters of your choice! We will mail your picture to you free of charge and provide a digital copy as well!

$50 - A 2-4 page bonus story / omake drawn for the prompt of your choice. This can be anything from "A-san and Hiro go to the ice cream shop" to a missing scene - whatever you can think of! The content MUST be PG-13 rated or lower, and we reserve the right to ask you for a different prompt if the omake would spoil part of the comic's main story.

To donate, please click the wallpaper of your choice! Paypal will redirect you when you have finished. Fans who donate $10 or above will also recieve an email within 24 hours to follow up on their gift. (Please include your email in the paypal form if you don't want us to email your paypal address.) Thank you!

Other Ways To Support The Comic

We understand that it's not always possible to give money. There are a lot of free ways to help, too! Share the comic with others and link to it on your website! You can also help tell people about "Overlord Academy" by distributing these handouts, which are perfect for handing out at cons or leaving in piles at appropriate places, like flyer tables! They're designed to be printed on colored printer paper, making them cheap and easy to produce! Click the image for a printable PDF.


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