Overlord Academy


NOVA SAYS: All right, well, for some reason my original notes didn't take, so here's shot number two. This was a really fun strip for me to do, for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is that this is one of the strips that I drew for the first time in high school. It's always fun to compare my art then and now. (The main difference? This art won't make your eyes bleed.) I also enjoyed drawing all of the full shots of Nova. Anyway, I'm hard at work over here preparing for Kamicon which is next weekend in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Anyone who happens to come should stop by and see me. I've got a booth in the Artists Alley, and Thae and I are doing a pretty basic panel on how to start a webcomic without killing yourself. She's also doing a panel on Lolita fashion, which is totally appropriate considering how I keep harping on enjoying drawing Nova. After the con, I hope to start adding on to the website, so that'll benefit all of you who aren't from the good ole Southern USA.