Overlord Academy


NOVA SAYS: Hey, guys! So, we're in the process of making tweaks to the website right now. You'll notice a shiny new donate button above the Cbox. We're planning to institute some sort of donation reward system soon. Our thought was to create a wallpaper that would be given as a free gift to anyone donating a dollar or more. To help us out with that, please take a second and fill out this survey. (Don't worry, it's only three questions long!) Anyone who donates before we have our first donation reward wallpaper finished will recieve an email with instructions on how to get it once it is available.

Another new thing we are starting is offering weekly voting incentives at Top Webcomics:

This week's is a detailed look at the O.A. lacrosse team. Next week will be a completely different sketch, etc. Thanks to all of you for taking the extra few minutes to vote for us!