Overlord Academy


NOVA SAYS: Oh, God, I'm exhausted. Senior Year, why do you hurt me so much? Regardless, this was one of the easier strips, and I enjoyed drawing it. I'm trying a couple of new layout design choices, which seems to be working for me so far. By the way, one of the things we put together for our FAN:dom table (and future tables, obviously) is a booklet of the first seventeen pages of the comic (with several things redrawn and *le gasp* shading!) and some bonus art. This is one of the things I was doing last week with my "free" time, aside from applying to programs and taking midterms. Anyway, we're selling the books for two bucks a pop, so anyone going to FAN:dom should come by the table and check it out!

I just had the urge to draw Nova. I wish I'd been better able to capture the Lolita dress hers is modeled on, but oh, well. It's from Innocent World by the way, which is where the two dresses her Chapter One outfits are based on are from, as well. I.W. is currently my favorite place to "shop" for Nova's dresses, actually.