Overlord Academy


NOVA SAYS: If you can see these notes, it means I was finally able to upload my new content! Hurray! Sorry about the problems! The big setback with CG is that I have no control over the server or the queue. Eventually, we'll have to move the comic to its own site but for now, we can't really afford our own webspace so CG's a good deal.

Seemless transition (LOL), some of you may have noticed that we finally set up a donation rewards system! Please see the support page if you'd like details! We also have our first donation reward wallpaper available there (for anyone who donates $1 or more)! I know, it's VERY pink. Don't worry, those of you who want something in a bit of a more macho colour will be much happier with next month's release! ;D

It's Chinese New Year! Here's Thae in a qipao to celebrate! Hope everything goes well for you in the Year of the Rabbit!