Overlord Academy


NOVA SAYS: Thanks for sticking with me, guys. Everything should be up and running now. This one was my bad. Unfortunately, it's midterms here next week, so I'm going to be postponing next week's comic to Friday. After that, we'll return to our regularly scheduled program! And don't forget, we'll be at Momocon next weekend in the Artist Alley and on the webcomics panel!

Okay, there isn't really an excuse for this, haha! The outfit is Asuka's new plugsuit from the Rebuild of Evangelion movies. The newest one is going to be released in America soon, so I'm rewatching the series. Of course, that meant cosplay pics were needed! Honestly, Thae's a lot more like Asuka than Nova is (see above comic), but I thought it would be cuter with Nova!