Overlord Academy


THAE SAYS: Hola! Thae here, the sarcastic, blonde, and heretofore silent half of the rantbox. Of course, I still have pretty much nothing to add to the box, except for the fairly obvious comment that Tom is an enourmous douche. Nova would never say this, because she is entirely too nice, but I'm not afraid to put it out there that A-san's mother, father, and older brother are all shining examples of the "I will eviscertate you in fiction" principal. This clip at 2:34 explains everything: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b90aOUoeZIY&feature=PlayList&p=3F90CF74BD09FC31&index=69

If only the image of those responsible for inspiring A-san's family wasn't so very, very painful.