Overlord Academy


NOVA SAYS: Okay, so this is the last week to vote on the character poll! On that note, I'm still tweaking the site. Some of it's in the background still, but should show up in the next week or so. By the way, we were asked to attend Momocon as guests this year for some reason, and we'll be attending Kamicon again this year as well, so put those on your calendars and come say "hi" to us at our tables and panels!

I really like this idea. I swear, I'm going to do something with this one day. I don't actually know if anyone's interested, but I love the idea of doing an Alice in Wonderland kind of AU side story thing, especially since the first chapter is called "Down the Rabbit Hole." Kevin would make the perfect Cheshire Cat, wouldn't he? By the way, when Thae and I went to go see Tim Burton's "Alice," we were kind of boggled to see the Octagonal Room show up. Great minds think alike...?